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當你的心情很容易被另一個人所影響時,你便會知道她對你意義非凡 // 有時候,日夜思念 可是當思念的人出現在眼前 你卻安之若素

Monday, October 10, 2011

° Mid-night

actually I have nothing to sayyy =X

jz wanna update a post
so that uu all wont 4get meee ! :((

2weeks more's exam paper & subjects r waiting us
eeehemm , not coming soon , is 0n the way XDD

and now is 1am !
study til midnight once again 
but now wat am ii doing ? ==

I ensure that 2mr morning ii cant answer the exam paper as well
0kayyy , nvm , just let it be ; I had try my best to study well T____T

每個人心裡都住著一個人 、
也許是曾經擁有 也或許是不曾屬於自己

怎麼突然想起這話兒來了 心裡想著誰 思緒卻落空 .

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